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Your Best Summer Awaits

summer memoriesSummer is a time for relaxation and adventure, for festivity and discovery.  Memories of the beach, celebrations, and summer fun are left with us, even after the tan has faded.
In a perfect world, every person would have the opportunity to live out this image of the summer season. The reality, however, is that the summer can mean something quite different for those of us whose responsibilities don’t go on vacation. Contrary to popular belief, during this time of year, errands still need to be run, bills paid, and household duties taken care of. The boredom of these menial tasks can be overwhelming, but in honor of anti-boredom month we are arming you with tools to fight these symptoms. If quitting your job and traveling the world isn’t a realistic option for you this summer, we offer these suggestions for combating your summertime slump.1.     Bring a book: There is nothing more captivating than the piece of literature that allows you to travel to another universe. Whether you are waiting at the doctor’s office, for the bus, or in line at the grocery store, having a book will offer you the escape you need from mind-numbing boredom.
2.     Delve into what makes you bored: The reason you are bored with something may be because you have not attempted to explore it enough.  You may learn to see the merit in the topic when you spend more time studying it.
3.     Have a to-do list: Combat boredom by being goal-oriented. If you can set a start and a finish to the tasks that fry your brain, it will be easier to accomplish them in a timely manner
4.     Live Big: If you are bored with the life you have created for yourself, you may not be setting high-enough goals or taking enough risks. If you change your static existence into one that is filled with new experiences and ambitious goals, it is likely that the boredom will fade away.
5.     Focus: If you aren’t focused, you will not be able to live in the moment. Do one task at a time and devote every ounce of your focus on the opportunity at hand.
6.     Meet someone new: If you are surrounded by people but are still bored, you are missing an opportunity. If it is in the grocery store or in your office, the people around you have the potential to enrich your experience.
If your summer plans don’t include exotic vacations or luxurious experiences, don’t fret. Finding inspiration and excitement in your day-to-day experiences will ultimately lead to the kind of long-term happiness that a two-week vacation simply can’t provide. So – our advice – make plans now  and take your camera with you – best wishes for a fantastic summer from your friends at SelectQuote.

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