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Why Father's Day?

father's dayIt never fails. When you realize it is Father’s Day you begin to wonder how mid-June came so quickly. For some of you parents, the kids just got out of school and for others they aren’t even out of school yet! Either way, Father’s Day is this weekend and we all know that each and every Dad should be taken care of the way he deserves. How did Father’s Day come about? We’ll give you a brief history lesson.

There are many rumors about holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day concerning the idea of them being created by corporations. It is true that during these times of the year there is an increase sales in various industries. Markets sell more cards and flowers and big businesses even create products surrounding these themes. However, these holidays do have origins that are actually quite interesting.

The idea of Father’s Day was actually ignited by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to create an official equivalent of Mother’s Day for male parents. What a nice thought, right? Dodd went to government officials, local churches, shopkeepers and more in order to rally individuals together to put her idea into effect. Her efforts did not go unnoticed because on July 19, 1910 Washington State celebrated the nation’s first state Father’s Day. Celebrating this holiday was a success, but during the 1920s and 1930s, individuals rallied together behind the idea of having “Parent’s Day,” by combining both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This movement did not travel very far mainly because it would have negatively affected the economy. Since the U.S. in the middle of the Great Depression, commercialized holidays were the last thing they wanted to trade off. During World War II, there were many advertisements that showcased Father’s Day as a way to support men in their heroic acts. Years after WWII in 1972, Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a federal holiday.

Nowadays an astonishing $1 billion is spent on Father’s Day. Although this holiday may have been created with the interest of the economy in mind, SelectQuote encourages you to focus on the sentiment behind it. This year, when you’re reflecting on the father figure in your life, do it with careful consideration and thoughtfulness. Whether you get him a tie, some golf balls, or a homemade card, make sure you share it with love and great gratitude.

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