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Why Do I Need Life Insurance If I'm Perfectly Healthy?

keep fitMany people do not think that they need to get life insurance if they are young and healthy. “I’m in my mid-twenties, have no health conditions, and do not have any dependents so what’s the point of life insurance? I’ll just wait until I get married.” Many of you can probably relate to this mindset, and SelectQuote agents speak with many callers who ask the very same questions.

The truth is that everyone needs life insurance and it isn’t a secret. In fact, according to a study conducted by LIRMA (2010), 93% of Americans think life insurance is necessary; however, only 44% of US households actually have individual life insurance. Can you guess what the number one reason people don’t have life insurance is? They believe they can’t afford it when in fact it is estimated that if you’re in good health and in your mid 30’s you can buy a million-dollar Term Life insurance policy for just a dollar or two a day.

Although SelectQuote can help you to find a life insurance policy at any age, if you are in good health now is the best time for you to get a life insurance policy. You can lock in a low rate with a top company, with the help of SelectQuote. To add to the incentive of getting a life insurance policy early on is the fact that you can get a term policy. The advantage of getting a term life insurance policy is that your rate will not change once you lock it in. If you discover that you have a bad health condition in the future, your life insurance policy will remain the same.

As you know, anything can happen, especially in regards to your health. It is better to be on the safe side when it comes to getting an insurance policy, especially if you want to save yourself money.

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