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What’s Really Important When Purchasing Life Insurance

lessonsThere are many life insurance companies that just tell you what they offer. From policies to the number of agents, you know that a company will sell you insurance, but you also know that any life insurance company can do that. What you should really be interested in is finding the right place to purchase your policy- a company that genuinely cares about the status of you and your family and who is undoubtedly on your side.

Life insurance doesn’t have to be a drag. Yes, the whole point of life insurance is to protect our loved ones in the case of unexpected/expected death and thinking about death isn’t fun; however, it is a wise consideration and an important product to purchase. This is something we already know; we know the importance of life insurance. In fact, over half of Americans believe that life insurance is a necessity. If this is true, then why do only 62% percent of all people in the United States have some type of life insurance coverage? (LIMRA’s 2013 Insurance Barometer). One of the reasons is because people just don’t know where to begin when it comes time to make the purchase.

Another reason is because, unlike many products in the world around us, life insurance is not advertised on billboards, television shows via product placement, or many radio advertisements. Actually, if someone were visiting the U.S. they would think Americans only purchased burgers, beer, and smartphones because of the massive presence of said products in the media. The importance of life insurance is not advertised up and down the freeways. Life insurance is something we already know we need, but not something we are being told to buy every 15 minutes. Therefore, when a mom or dad thinks about buying life insurance, s/he can quickly become distracted by another product that s/he is told to purchase. But, when they make the conscious decision to purchase life insurance, SelectQuote is here.

Yes, we represent over half a dozen highly reputable life insurance companies and yes, we are the America’s #1 independent Term Life Sales Agency. But we are more than these facts. We are an organization that has agents working to help you in the best way they can. Getting you a life insurance policy that suits you and your family’s needs is our goal at the end of the day. Making sure that you are satisfied with your coverage and that it truly will support your loved ones when it needs to is our purpose. We’re on your side and we will save you time and money when purchasing life insurance and that’s what’s really important. Call us today at 1-800-691-5006 or click here to get a free quote online.

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