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What to Expect On the Life Insurance Exam

In the past we have given you some easy tips to prepare you for your Life Insurance Exam, but what exactly can you expect from the exam?
It begins with the insurance company sending an independent medical professional, such as a nurse, to your home or office to conduct the Exam. They will begin by asking you for your detailed medical history. If you are unsure of what exactly you should include or cannot remember dates and visits, you can request a copy of your medical history from your doctor. Expect to have all your standard information recorded: height, weight, blood pressure and pulse.
You may be asked to provide a blood sample. For most, it is as simple as a finger-prick, although if you applying for a large amount of coverage a full blood sample might be required.
Last, but not least, expect to give a urine sample and that is it! You’re done!

Depending on the insurance company you are purchasing through, your exam may differ slightly. Older applicants may be required to submit to further tests, such as EKGs or treadmill tests. Younger applicants may only need to submit to a few simple lab studies instead of the full exam.
The Life Insurance Exam is conducted simply to provide the insurance company with a better understanding of your current health condition and determine if you have any conditions which may shorten your life in order to determine coverage eligibility. All of your information and test results  are sent directly to the insurance company where an underwriter will determine your insurance eligibility based on your family health history and the test results. How well you do on your evaluation will have a direct impact on life insurance prices. Blood samples can test for immune disorders, diabetes, and much more. Urine samples are screened for medications or illicit drugs. You can request a copy of your results.
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