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Want Lower Car Insurance Premiums? Choose Your Car Carefully

Trying to crack the code on everything auto insurance companies look at when deciding what your premium will be is a little like trying beat search engine algorithms. Something you won’t be able to conquer over a weekend, that’s for sure. The good news, however, if you don’t need to consult a secret playbook to get a good rate. There are some things you can watch out for while shopping for a car that can help keep those premiums manageable. Here are the most important:


Safety ratings aren’t necessarily top-of-mind while car shopping, so you have to make sure to stay aware of them while you’re being dazzled on the showroom floor or overwhelmed by the selection of a lot. After you’ve stared longingly at the car of your dreams, do your research and check out the safety test ratings. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a great place to start.


When you’re considering a new car, find out how popular that model is with people in the car-stealing business. You may be surprised to find the relatively modest car you’re looking at buying is high on the most-stolen list simply because it’s filled with parts that can be sold for serious money. If the model of car you’ve targeted is a frequent target of thieves, insurers are likely to factor that risk into your premium.

Some Other Considerations

Engine Size: Unless you drive on the NASCAR circuit, odds are you don’t need a rocket for an engine. If you’ve got the need for speed and have your eye on car with a high-performance engine that’ll tempt you test its limits, guess what? Insurers will probably assume you’ll be testing those limits and raising your risk of a high-speed crash.
Older Cars: A bargain purchase can get expensive come insurance time. Buying your uncle’s old car for a song doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be cheap to insure just because you didn’t pay much for it. Older cars have fewer safety features than newer cars. And older cars tend to develop problems more often, raising the risk of accidents.
Less-Than-Sexy Cars: Face the fact that boring can be better. Cruising the highway in a minivan or SUV isn’t the inspiration you had in mind for that “on the road” novel you thought about writing once upon a time, but there are advantages to being in that club. The general audience for “soccer mom” vehicles is people who drive their kids around, stick to the speed limit and avoid risk on the road. Picking a car that’s popular with the safety-conscious could be a premium-friendly move.

A Word About Choosing Your First Car

Picking a car for a teenager is serious business. Insurance rates tend to be high for young drivers to begin with, so a smart car choice is a very good idea. But aside from the insurance premium, getting an insurance friendly car for a teenager is a good way to be sure you’re selecting a safe car, as well.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has some excellent advice on buying cars for teenagers.

On the Subject of Insurance

Whenever you’re in an insurance-buying situation, it’s a good idea to step back and look at your entire insurance picture. An event like insuring a new or used car is one of those times. If you’re insuring against the likelihood of accidents, think about making sure you’re insured against possible catastrophic results of an accident.
Yes, we’re talking about life insurance. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but one we all need to consider. We’ve discussed the topic before on this blog. Get some perspective on life insurance in general and seeing that your loved ones are looked after.
If you happen to be in the market for car insurance, SelectQuote agents are ready to review your current coverage and compare your policy to today’s rates to determine if we can save you some money. Call (855) 777-6090 or visit www.selectquoteautoandhome.com.

Ending on an up Note

Now that we’ve pointed out some connections between your choice of car and your possible insurance premiums, we’d like to explode a myth for you.
Are you ready?
The color of car you choose makes absolutely no difference! All that stuff you’ve heard about red cars costing more to insure? False. Odds are the cars in question have something else going on to raise those insurance rates. Insurers don’t care what color your car is. As with so much else in life—it’s mostly what’s inside that counts.
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  1. Thanks for pointing out that you should make sure to research things about the safety of your car to help you get a good insurance rate. It’s going to be my first time getting a car because I’ve always used public transport before now. Your tips will help me find some great insurance that will keep me and my vehicle covered.

    • Rachel Spear

      That’s great Amanda! Doing your homework always pays off. Good luck finding your new ride.

  2. I like that you mentioned the importance of looking into the entire insurance and what you are getting. This is a great thing to look into more closely and make sure you are getting the right coverage. As I look into auto insurance for the first time, I will keep this in mind.

    • Rachel Spear

      Absolutely! It’s so good to be prepared with as much information as possible when purchasing insurance of any type.

  3. I like that tip to find a low theft car. I didn’t even know there was a popularity to how often cars are stolen. I’m under 25 so I need to do everything I can to keep my premiums low.