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Reflecting on the Important Roles Mothers play this Mother's Day Weekend

mother's day
“No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.” -Godfrey Win
Hopefully this doesn’t come as a reminder, but Sunday is Mother’s Day! The special occasion where deserving mothers are showered with infinite love and adoration (as if this isn’t necessary on a daily basis). However, one day doesn’t begin to equate the true value they bring to their families. While dad provides the frame, and kids supply the walls, it is mom who lays the foundation of a home. She is the one who keeps the house, and family, on steady ground. So this day is HERS.

Unfortunately, motherly qualities are often overlooked and underappreciated. Which is saddening, given the fact that without mom, life is tough. Think for a second. What would you do without your mother? Where would you be without your mother’s support? Some are hard-pressed to imagine life without her. The role a mother plays in her loved ones’ lives is paramount and truly irreplaceable. It is because of this reason that life insurance should be a no-brainer. Motherly support should not cease in the event of an unfortunate situation. In the tragic case that kids outlive their parents, it goes without saying that there are significant hurdles to overcome both emotionally and financially. How will your family cover the expenses? Who will compensate for everything mom did so well? These are questions you would need to address. Rarely can a young adult support themselves after the unexpected passing of their parent. 

Motherly support should extend far beyond the time she’s physically with you and this is possible if she has a life insurance policy. Albeit monetarily, this insurance provides the family with the means to carry on. With life insurance, families can find solace knowing that long after the days she spent on living to nurture you she’ll be providing her loved ones with the care they need.

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