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Term Life Insurance For The Modern Boomer

So when we were younger and just starting out as adults we had a plan. The plan was to have the mortgage paid off in 20 years, This would be just about the time the kids would be leaving to do their own thing and so we could then travel the world as we also had a plan to save lots and lots of money for our retirement so that we could afford to live once our life insurance policy expired… well that was the plan… but you know what they say about the best laid plans…
So for many of us we are now sliding towards those retirement years and we may not have brought our plans to fruition. I mean who knew the bubble would burst? Who knew we would have a recession and many would lose their jobs? Who knew the kids had a different plan and are still living at home after we spent a small fortune on their college degrees and now they can’t even find a job? WHO KNEW?

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