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6 Last-Minute Ways to Save on Holiday Travel

According to the US Department of Transportation, the Christmas and New Year’s holidays represent some of the busiest long-distance travel days of the year. With travel increasing by as much as 23 percent during this period, it stands to reason that airfares and train fares will be harder to come by – and pricier than usual. According to a study published last January by Cheapair.com, airfares increased by an average of 50 percent during the 2013 holiday season. But looking at the eleventh hour doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Here are six secrets for getting out of Dodge between now and New Year’s without putting your finances in a dodgy situation: Check Airfares First Thing in the Morning The time of day that you actually sit down to book your flight can make a huge impact on the cost of your fare. Since most airlines update their inventory and prices…