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7 Summer Treats Guaranteed to Make Any Family Smile

Time flies – it’s already the middle of July, but there’s still plenty of summer left so let’s enjoy every last minute. Here’s a list of 7 summer treats, guaranteed to generate smiles. Longer Days Although there are still 24 hours in the day, the psychological effect of daylight makes it feel like you have more time. The extra daylight may even motivate young kids to get off their devices and play outside. Plus, there just seems to be more time for the family when you get home from work. Longer days provide more opportunities for fun. Seasonal Fruit If you see a roadside fruit stand, stop. If you see a farmer’s market, stop. Heck, if you drive by the supermarket, stop … and head over to the produce section. The reason is simple. Summer is peak season for the sweetest, juiciest fruits. While importing makes it possible to buy…

How To Be a Successful Person Without Talent

Now more than ever, we are conditioned to believe talent is what it takes to succeed. From athletes and artists to technology titans, doctors and politicians, we are constantly inundated with profiles of uniquely successful people who have risen to the top of their respective fields because of one thing: their talent. While talent certainly comes in handy, it’s far from required when it comes to succeeding in business or in life. Whether you seek success in work, relationships, finances or other aspects of your life, it is said that hard work beats talent. These 10 habits require no talent and can take you farther than talent alone ever could in becoming a successful person. Be on Time If you can’t be early, at least be on time. Tardiness is a sign of disrespect to anyone who’s counting on you and can be a deal-breaker when meeting people for the…

20 for 30: 20 Tips for 30-Year-Olds

reading a list“All of us, at certain moments of our lives, need to take advice and to receive help from other people.” -Alexis Carrel

For today’s post we have formed a list of 20 tips that can truly make a positive difference in your life. Although our list is primarily intended for the “thirty-somethings,” we believe there’s something here for everyone. We hope you find our list helpful and fruitful.

20 for 30: 20 Tips for 30-Year-Olds