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Consider Life Insurance for Retirement Investment

Life insurance and retirement planning may not seem to have much in common. You think of life insurance as planning ahead for your beneficiaries, while investing for retirement is planning for your own future. Yet, life insurance can be an important part of retirement planning, some financial advisers say.  Consider these points as you weigh the advantages, as well as possible drawbacks, of including life insurance as part of your future retirement investment income. Cash Benefits of Permanent Insurance Permanent life insurance plans – variable, universal or whole life – all include a separate account for your premiums to build cash, in addition to the death benefit for your heirs. As your permanent life insurance policy builds value, you may withdraw cash or borrow against the cash value. You might consider such borrowing if you lose a job and need cash for your mortgage or other monthly bills. Of course, using…

5 Top Reasons for Buying a House in Fall

Everyone knows the three main rules of buying a house in fall – location, location, location. Add to that a newer mantra of timing, timing, timing and you may have the perfect equation to get the best deal on the best home in your price range. Increasingly, fall is emerging as the best time to buy a house. A real estate data firm analyzed more than 32 million home sales since 2000 and found buyers get the very best price in October. The average sales price among those closings is 2.6 percent below the average full market value of the home. Among 109 metro areas studied in the survey, September, October or November emerged as the best time of the year for home buyers in about one-third of the areas studied.   Here are prime reasons fall is a rising star in home buying. Reduced competition Long considered off-season for…