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The Best Holiday You Have Never Heard Of

family barbecueThe long period of time that elapses between Memorial Day and the 4th of July leaves us with a thirst for festivity that is only quenched by today’s grand celebration here at Select Quote.
For those of you who are searching for a reason to propose a toast or have a good time, we will let you in on our best-kept secret, National Insurance Awareness DayVideo Game Day.
Reasons why Insurance Awareness Day Exists:

Can Optimism Improve Your Health?

your morning smileThere are many things in life that we know negatively impact our health. Such examples of these are smoking cigarettes, eating processed foods, and living a sedentary lifestyle. What we don’t often think of is how our mood and outlook towards life affects our health. Sure, when we’re in a bad mood we are probably less productive; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that when we’re content and even optimistic we are more productive and healthy—or does it?

Research proves that if you are looking at the glass and you see it half full, you may actually be improving your health. Although this is not a new topic of discussion, there is still current research being conducted that will give us a deeper sense of how our mind can affect our body.

April Awarenesses: Taxes & The Strengths of Stress

tax timeIs it a coincidence that Stress Awareness Month is the same month that taxes are due? Your taxes act as the last rain cloud of a storm, just wavering above you even though you’re done with winter and ready to soak up some spring sunshine. For those of you who have already filed your taxes, kudos. For the majority of those who have waited until the last minute, or should we say the last week, we recommend you regroup your finances and figure out exactly what you need to do before the April 15th deadline.

Enough with the taxes talk. We’d much rather talk about stress, right? Okay, maybe we don’t want to discuss stress, either, but we are happy that Stress Awareness Month exists because it is something that we encounter in our everyday lives. Most of us already know the harmful effects that stress can have on both our mental and physical health (weight gain, depression, anxiety, etc.) so today, we are going to talk about 5 ways that stress, in moderation, can be a positive thing in our lives.