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Use Tobacco? You May Qualify For Non-Smoker Insurance Rates

Assuming all other factors are constant, people who smoke pay two to three times more for Life Insurance than people who don’t. However, several Term Life companies now offer non-smoker rates for people who meet their underwriting guidelines. The challenge is knowing which company offers the best rates for you. Let’s say you smoke cigars. One highly rated Term Life Insurance company offers non-smoker rates if you puff up to 52 cigars a year. Another allows 48 a year. Still another allows only 12 a year. When it comes to cigarettes, most Life Insurance companies charge smoker rates if you light up as little as one cigarette during the past year. However, if you have quit smoking for at least a year, there is a good chance you can qualify for non-smoker rates. You may even qualify for a non-tobacco rate with daily use of cigars, pipes or chewing tobacco.…