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10 Thoughts About Money From Favorite TV and Movie Dads

For better or for worse, many of our attitudes about money come from our parents. And no matter their financial situation, profession, age, or number of kids, dads around the world have managed to spout the same cliché “dad-isms” about money to their families: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Do you think I’m made of money?” “The barcode isn’t scanning? I think that means it’s free!” “You get what you pay for.” “Dad, I’m broke.” “Hi Broke, I’m Dad!” Of course, the luckiest of us have gotten some real pearls of financial wisdom passed down from our fathers … and maybe the rest of us have gotten a real-life example of what not to do that we carry with us throughout our lives. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up 10 thoughts about money from some of our favorite TV and movie dads, and extrapolated ways that you can…

Memorial Day Part 1: Origin and Family

memorial dayDid you know Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day? Decoration Day was suggested by General John A Logan, leader of a civil war veterans’ association. The first Decoration Day was held on 30th May, 1868. The reason for this choice was that no battle had taken place on this day. In the past, citizens of the United States would decorate soldier’s graves to show support and love. We still see this today, but not as much as we would back in the 1870s.
It seems today we are more focused on getting the day off from work and extending the weekend, even if it’s just one more day. Regardless, the importance of Memorial remains strong, as it is a time to acknowledge and give respect to those who have fought for our country and solidified our freedom.