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Home Sweet Homeowners Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Covered

There’s no place like home. That’s why it’s so important to protect your home with homeowners insurance. While the paperwork can sometimes seem overwhelming, there’s nothing more rewarding than the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the right amount of homeowners insurance. If you’re ready to get a better understanding of how your coverage works and to see if you need to make any updates to your policy, these tips can get the job done faster than you imagine. Homeowners Insurance Requirements First things first. For most of us, homeowners insurance isn’t optional. Why? We don’t actually own our homes. Banks do. Until your mortgage is paid, your bank or mortgage company is going to require you to carry homeowners insurance. They want their investment protected. The exact specifications can vary, but generally, your lender will want you to have coverage at least up to your outstanding…

Questions to Ask When Considering Life Insurance

People often get nervous about shopping for life insurance because it seems complicated. That’s understandable. Sometimes it seems filing taxes may be easier than figuring insurance costs and policy plans. The good news is that there are a lot of sources for helpful tips out there to get you through the process, so do your research. Here are some essential questions you’ll need to consider: Do I Need a Life Insurance Policy? To start, ask yourself a couple questions. 1) Any chance that you’re going to die someday? 2) If you answered yes, are you single with no debts and no dependents? If there’s anyone whose day-to-day survival depends on your ability to earn a living, a life insurance policy should probably be on your to-do list. Even if you don’t have a pressing immediate need for it, the younger you are when you buy it, the lower your life insurance…

Consider Life Insurance for Retirement Investment

Life insurance and retirement planning may not seem to have much in common. You think of life insurance as planning ahead for your beneficiaries, while investing for retirement is planning for your own future. Yet, life insurance can be an important part of retirement planning, some financial advisers say.  Consider these points as you weigh the advantages, as well as possible drawbacks, of including life insurance as part of your future retirement investment income. Cash Benefits of Permanent Insurance Permanent life insurance plans – variable, universal or whole life – all include a separate account for your premiums to build cash, in addition to the death benefit for your heirs. As your permanent life insurance policy builds value, you may withdraw cash or borrow against the cash value. You might consider such borrowing if you lose a job and need cash for your mortgage or other monthly bills. Of course, using…

A Real Life Story: Why Missy is Grateful for Life Insurance

Missy JunkMany people first encounter life insurance when there is a loss of a loved one. Missy Junk, who we learn about in a Real Life Story, first learned about life insurance when her dad passed away. A few years later, when she was 19, her mother lost a battle to cancer. Missy lost both of her parents at a relatively young age, and she has relied heavily on their life insurance policies.
Missy was able to use the life insurance money that her parents left her to pay her way through college. College tuition is expensive, and once you add the cost of housing, books, etc., it is easy to be bombarded with an exorbitant amount of fees