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15 Best Personal Finance Blogs and Podcasts

Every year, the Plutus Awards recognizes and honors the greatest personal finance blogs, podcasts and content creators in a variety of financial niches. These finalists were voted on by other financial bloggers, so you know they are top of the line. Consider adding these blogs and podcasts to your regular rotation. Each shares high quality, fun ways learn more about mastering your money. Well Kept Wallet Deacon Hayes is behind the blog of the year winner, Well Kept Wallet. The multi-author blog features resources on a wide range of topics to help people better manage their money, get out of debt and maybe even retire early. The Well Kept Wallet even addressed the importance of life insurance in the post, “Do You Really Need Life Insurance?”   Stacking Benjamins Joe Saul-Sehy hosts Stacking Benjamins, the podcast of the year winner. It tackles financial news and advice recorded “live in Joe’s…

7 Financial Podcasts to Get Your Personal Finance Fix

Podcasts today have matured well beyond droning voices spreading conspiracy theories from basements. Podcasting is now a part of the cool kids club, and it continues to spread like wildfire. Edison Research found that 21 percent of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month. That is up from 17 percent in 2015. Monthly podcast listenership has increased approximately 80% since 2013. So, if you have been hearing more and more about podcasts but don’t get what they are about, think of it like this: podcasts are for radio what YouTube is for video. You can listen to countless shows on demand on topics ranging from news to pop culture and almost everything in between. Personal finance and entrepreneurship shows have made waves in the podcasting community. Here are 7 podcasts to help you fix up your finances. Stacking Benjamins Joe Saul-Sehy hosts the Stacking Benjamins podcast with…