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5 Things to Consider When You Have Student Loans and No Job

What happens when you graduated months ago, but haven’t found a job and are starting to feel your student loans breathing down your neck? First of all, don’t panic. Start by figuring out exactly what you owe, by when. Many students loans, including direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans and Federal Stafford loans, have a six-month grace period after graduation, dropping out of school or dropping below half-time status before you need to start making payments. PLUS loans have no grace period. Grace periods on private loans and Federal Perkins loans vary wildly, so it’s important to know what exactly you owe, beginning when. These grace periods are designed to give you time to get a job after graduation. Don’t worry – you aren’t the only graduate who is reaching the end of the grace period with no employment in sight. Don’t Ignore Your Student Loans Before making any other decisions,…

Simple Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt

With credit card offers making up a huge chunk of junk mail, it’s all too easy to say yes to yet another deal that may trigger a downward cycle of debt. It’s a fact – the best way to secure your financial future is to avoid credit card debt. Used properly, credit cards offer many advantages including convenience, a record of your purchases, protection against fraud, building a positive credit history, and perks including free travel, discounted merchandise and more.   Used to excess, a credit card is nothing more than a high interest loan rather than a substitute for cash. This is how many consumers get into credit card trouble: As debt builds, they take out yet another card that offers a balance transfer, low monthly payments, no interest for a defined period and other attractive perks. Yet caving into such offers practically ensures debt for years to come as…