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Getting Auto Insurance for a New Teen Driver

Even though more teens are putting off getting their driver’s license and delaying hopping behind the steering wheel, they’ll start driving at some point. And that means that your new teenage driver will need auto insurance. Here’s a six-point checklist for insuring that new driver (teenager or not): Create a Budget First things first. Determine how much you can spend (read: would like to spend) on your new driver. In this overall budget estimate, include annual costs for insurance, another family car — if that’s part of the plan — and auto maintenance. An item to note: Simply adding a single teen driver to an existing policy can cause the premium to increase, on average, by almost $700. Though parents can initially show reluctance to adding their teenager to an existing policy, it is often cheaper than excluding them from your policy and creating a new policy on a child’s…

Before You Buckle Up: Insurance Tips for New Drivers

For new drivers, earning that license may seem like the biggest challenge when it comes to driving. However, obtaining the right car insurance is another obstacle many drivers don’t consider. These tips will help you keep in mind all you need to know about car insurance as a new driver. Consider Your Car Insurance Coverage If you are driving a car that is registered in your name, you likely need car insurance. It is the law in most states. However, there are several different types of coverage. Understanding all of the coverage types is the first step in determining the type or types of insurance that will best meet your needs. Liability insurance is the most frequently discussed type of insurance because it is required in most states. It covers the cost of both injuries to other parties and property damage in the event of an accident. Personal injury protection…