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What You Need to Know About Tiny Houses and Insurance

More than a decade ago, a new movement began. One that emphasizes the philosophies of less is more, sustainability and financial freedom. The tiny house movement. Today you’ll find numerous TV shows, countless blogs and even a magazine dedicated to tiny house living. But even with its notoriety, living tiny is still a relatively new industry. Regulators, home insurers and builders continue to navigate the space. If you’re considering joining the tiny house movement, keep these considerations in mind. Goals and Primary Use What’s the motivation behind your desire to go tiny? Are you looking to right-size, live sustainably or eliminate debt? People have many reasons for living in a tiny house. Determining yours will help you stay on track as you go through the building process. Also consider the primary use of your new home. Will it serve mainly as a vacation house for your family, a VRBO rented to…