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Life Insurance Tips, Part 1: Ways To Get Prepared

When you let SelectQuote shop for your life insurance, the highly-rated companies we represent compete for your business – just like the leading college basketball teams contend for the championship during March Madness. With the first game of the 2016 NCAA men’s basketball tournament coming up fast on March 15, March Madness is in full swish. In the spirit of the tournament (and because we love sports analogies), this four-part blog series will provide a play-by-play account of what it’s like to get life insurance through SelectQuote – from securing a quote to activating your policy. Preparing for the Big Game No team makes it to March Madness by accident. It takes months of hard work – practice, coaching, bonding, and most of all, winning – to be able to compete in the tournament. The same holds true for purchasing a term life policy. While SelectQuote does a lot of the…