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Renting Cars Through an App and How It Impacts Insurance

Most cars stay parked more than they roam the road throughout most of their lifetimes. Seems like a waste. What if, simply by using an app, you could not only get additional use from your car, but also make a little money on the side? Perhaps to help finance the payments or insurance, take a trip or just to save some extra cash? Copying business models similar to those of Uber and Airbnb, peer-to-peer car-sharing services use apps to make this happen for folks across North America and the world. What do you need to know about any rules, regulations and insurance before trying to turn your extra vehicles into cash cows? Why Peer-to-Peer Sharing Appeals to Users Peer-to-peer car-sharing companies such as Turo and Getaround appeal to customers for reasons of convenience, value, variety and location. Peer-to-peer renters can bypass busy airport counters and all of the paperwork processing…