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Top 11 Best Places to Live in 2016

Looking for places where homes are affordable and jobs are plentiful?   Then we’ve got the list for you. Money recently released its Best Places to Live report for 2016, analyzing more than 800 cities with populations between 50,000 and 300,000. For this year’s report, researchers crunched numbers and analyzed 60 key factors: taxes, education, healthcare and more.  The top contenders include some of the usual suspects like Naperville, Illinois, along with new neighborhoods like Weston, Florida. Whether established or just emerging on the scene, these 11 communities earned the highest scores and are all incredible places to dwell. Columbia, Maryland Columbia turns 50 next year, and it’s never looked so good. One of the most successful planned communities in the country, Columbia is a magnet in the Baltimore–Washington corridor, attracting families in search of good schools and businesses hungry for educated employees. Population – 102,221 Median Home Price – $310,000 Property…

4 Solar Incentives for Homeowners

Now more than ever, electricity is at the center of human activity – from heat and light to security, social life and entertainment. But nothing is free in this world. From our monthly power bill to the effects of our energy dependency on global politics and the environment, we are increasingly aware of the cost of our high-powered lifestyle. But how can we be part of the solution while saving our money and our planet at the same time? Questions like this are driving more people to consider solar power for their homes.  Here are four solar incentives for homeowners: There are a few different ways to harness the sun’s energy for electricity. Chances are you’re most familiar with photovoltaic solar panels, which convert sunlight into energy at the atomic level. The average American home consumes around 11,000-kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. By installing a solar array of 25-30 panels, you can…

How to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

With all the airtime allotted to commercials touting auto insurance savings, it’s easy to lose sight of homeowners insurance. But despite the lack of PR, there are as many ways to save on your homeowner’s insurance as there are to save on your car insurance. Follow these four tips, and you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your homeowner’s insurance premium. Insure Your House Not Your Land Let’s say the market value of your house is $250,000. If you’re like most people, you’ll want to buy a homeowners insurance policy to cover that entire amount. But doing so could result in an unnecessarily high premium. Even if your house burned down or was completely destroyed in some other fashion, chances are the value of your land would not be affected. In fact, it might increase if a larger or more elaborate home were to be built on the…

The Three I’s of Financial Health: Insurance, Investments, Intelligence

shutterstock_157233458Monetary security for you and your family is about more than a decent-sized nest egg. It’s about comfortably affording your current bills, being able to save for the future, and making the most of what you have. Thinking of your financial picture in terms of the three I’s — insurance, investments, and intelligence — is one way of getting an accurate picture for sound financial planning.
The name says it all: a guard against life’s uncertainties. Health, disability, liability, auto, earthquake, homeowners—most people see having all or some combination of these types of insurance as necessary. Insurance means that an injury or illness, car accident, house fire or other disaster doesn’t entirely derail your finances. Here at SelectQuote, we believe the same should be said about term life insurance: it protects the family’s economic security if something happens to a major earner.