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Holiday Planning

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How to Plan the Perfect July 4th Picnic or BBQ | SelectQuote

OK, so you want your July 4th picnic or BBQ to be a raving success. The question is, how do you make that happen, without overwhelm? To make it simple, focus on three things: Guests, Setting, and Food. In that order. Now, this advice flies in the face of what the pretty, glossy magazines say. They tell you it’s all about the food, the drinks, and the red, white, and blue decorations (and they’ve got the beautiful pictures to prove it). Forget all that! There’s more to a 4th of July picnic than Instagram shares. Read on to discover how to have your cake (and eat it too). Guests Keep this at the forefront of your planning: people make the party. Great guests = great party. So, aim high for your 4th of July BBQ. Start with a list of your favorite people who live reasonably close. Then add others whose…

Party Time: 9 Affordable and Unique Host and Hostess Gifts

“Please, don’t bring anything.” We’ve all been there: You’ve been invited to a party and you’re not bringing a dish to share. Rather than show up empty-handed, you want to bring the host or hostess a little something – but you’re not sure what. Enjoy these affordable and unique hosts and hostess gifts that will put a smile on their faces without breaking the bank. Wine While it may be true that this gift isn’t particularly unique, it’s a gift-giving standby for a reason. The host or hostess can pop the cork now or stow it away to savor later. To help your wine stand out as a truly unique gift, scoop up a bottle that supports a cause like ONEHOPE wines or picks up a bottle from a local vineyard. Flowers There’s nothing like a pop of color to brighten someone’s day. Despite their reputation, flowers don’t have to be expensive.…