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10 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills This Winter

With the chilly winter months here in many parts of the country, it’s a perfect time to assess how to save money and stay warm. A good place to start is by running an energy audit to determine where you spend the most energy dollars. In the meantime, there also are other things you can do to get through the winter without siphoning your savings. Turn Down The Heat Even if you love feeling toasty in the winter, consider regulating your thermostat by dropping it a few degrees and wearing a sweater inside your home. Energy Star offers free advice and detailed instructions on how to manage the thermostat dials. Residents of a typical, single-family home properly following guidelines can expect to save $180 a year. Snuggle under those blankets, pull on those socks and start saving! Service The Furnace Change (or clean, if you can) your furnace filters ever…