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Earth Day

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5 Ways to Save the Environment and Save Money

In these uneasy environmental and economic times, what better moment is there than Earth Day 2018 to renew a commitment to saving the planet while also saving money? Research suggests it takes time to establish new habits. One study by University College London found it takes anywhere from 18 days to eight months, depending on the person and the nature of the habit. Here are several ideas collected that will help to conserve resources, including monetary ones. Stop Using Disposable Water Bottles “Disposable” is something of a misnomer. While the plastic bottles used for drinking water are highly recyclable, not enough people take advantage of the opportunity to recycle, and too much plastic, some of which can be poisonous, ends up in our landfills and waterways. Before it degrades in 400-500 years, the plastic overload will poison and kill animal and plant life (possibly including humans). Investing in water filters…

Eating for the Planet

When we think of major threats to the environment, many of us imagine vague, impersonal causes like industrial pollution or gillnets. But in reality, the lifestyle choices we make as individuals can have a much larger and direct impact on the planet than we realize – from how we get around to how much electricity we use in our homes. With the 46th annual Earth Day being held this month, there’s never been a better time to examine how our eating can affect the world around us – not just locally, but globally. Here are six great ways to eat for the planet while improving your health and nutrition in the process. Go Organic When you choose organic-certified products or sustainably grown food, you’re not just being trendy – you’re supporting production methods that are actually good for the planet. Sustainable farmers use ecologically sound practices to manage pests and weeds.…

Earth Day Savings: How Saving the Planet Can Save You Money

April 22 marks the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970. While environmental awareness and sustainability have come a long way since then, the fight to save our planet is by no means over. The good news is that each of us is capable of decreasing the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by thousands of pounds each year. But what you may not realize is that going green can actually save you green. Here are six great ways to reduce your carbon footprint – and your energy and gas bills while you’re at it! Upgrade Your Old Cooling Systems If you invest in central air conditioning with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 14 or higher, you could reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1,500 pounds a year. If you use a window air conditioner in your home, consider replacing it with…

Earth Day 2013 – April 22nd

earthday2013We focus greatly on the importance to maintain our health and lifestyle to live well and balanced lives. Maintaining a small waistline and energizing ourselves with nutritious foods are goals we can all agree we want to reach. Sometimes, we are so concerned for ourselves that we neglect something bigger than all of us combined- the Earth. The Earth’s waistline is 24,901 miles long, which means we have a lot of life to take into consideration.

To bring awareness to the Earth and it’s natural environment, the entire globe celebrates Earth Day once a year. A former United States Senator, Gaylord Nelson, founded Earth Day in 1970 and now it is celebrated in over 170 countries. This year, Earth Day will be celebrated on Monday, April 22.