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What’s the Price Tag on Tournament Time?

Tournament time. It’s all about college basketball. Waving your team’s colors, watching a few games with friends—that sort of thing. That’s all true, but it is also about a mad amount of money. About half of Americans’ overall sports spending goes to the costs of attending actual games—that’s half of $100 billion, by the way. The rest goes to various other aspects of our love for sports, some of which may make you want to consider some insurance (others may make you want to REALLY want consider some insurance). Part of that sporting events spending this year will be the money people shell out for a seat at one of the 67 March Madness basketball games. The average price for a tournament game seat is in the hundreds of dollars, and that’s just at retail, where all-session passes to the 2017 Final Four went as high as $9,600 for prime…