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Save Big With Coupons

If you think couponing is about trimming squares of paper to save 25 cents on toilet paper, you have another thing coming. Couponing looks incredibly different in today’s digital age. Couponing has become much more streamlined and efficient, not mention more lucrative. Whether you are looking to pay down debt or hit a savings goals, learning to take better advantage of discounts and coupons really adds up. The Changing Face of Coupons Once upon a time, coupons were only found in the sales section of the weekly newspaper. Some papers came filled with sale inserts and manufacturer coupons on Sundays. Others included them midweek. While it is true that some newspapers still contain coupons, there are plenty of other ways to obtain them. There are popular online coupon databases to browse. Coupons.com makes it easy to sort by category and then print the coupons t help you save on your…

Paper or Digital – Organizing Your Finances in a Way That Works

Paper or Digital? Everything is going digital. Tapes, CDs, disks and paper are being replaced with bits and bytes of data often stored in a virtual cloud. Depending on your background, the digital world may be a mysterious and uncomfortable place. Let’s take an objective look at the pros and cons of going digital versus using paper to organize your personal finances. Paper Statements: Tried and True or Time to Go? Paper is the default method for managing and organizing your finances. Online banking in the United States started in the 1980s, but electronic statements and digital financial management did not become mainstream until more than a decade later when home internet use became commonplace. Thanks to its long history, paper statements still remain popular with many banking customers today. According to a poll from CreditCards.com, 54 percent of adults still get paper bank or credit card statements by mail.…