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Insurance Protection for College Students

Term life insurance likely isn’t on the radar for college students. They are focused on hanging out with friends, finding an internship and keeping up with social media. After all, they’re young and healthy and any vague thought about an untimely death is scary business and best avoided. Financial experts, on the other hand, advise that term life insurance for college students is extremely important to at least these categories: Students whose parents have co-signed a student loan. Students with a family or financial obligations like a mortgage or other debt. Students with dependent families. The High Cost of Education Consider, first, that college education is a huge investment that may require a student loan. Check out these average costs of tuition and fees for the 2017-18 school year: private colleges – $34,740; state residents at public colleges – $9,970; out-of-state residents attending public universities – $25,620. Multiply those dollars by…