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The Childcare Choice: Costs and Benefits of Nannies and Daycares

When you have young children, choosing the best childcare situation – and figuring out how to pay for it – can be a major cause of stress. Some families choose to have a parent stay home while their kids are young, but many just can’t make the numbers work … or simply don’t want to. Whether you work because you have to, because you find it fulfilling or because you want to continue contributing to longer-term financial and career goals, you’re faced with the decision of finding a childcare situation that makes the most sense for your family. According to the Care Index, a significant portion of a family’s pay with children under 18 goes to childcare. Nationally, “the cost of full-time care in child care centers is 85 percent of the monthly U.S. median cost of rent.” In four states, the average cost is more than the average cost…