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How to Get Smaller Prices on Bigger-Ticket Purchases

We are all consumers and, as such, we find ourselves consuming at a broad range of prices, buying everything from soft drinks to cars to houses. When it comes to the bigger-ticket items, it helps to have a strategy for making those larger cash outlays. Budgeting should always be first on your list, to make sure you have cash available when a great price comes along. And if you have a big-ticket seasonal purchase in mind, consider seasonal budgeting. Aside from budgeting, one of the first things you should do is identify big-ticket purchases that you make all the time but may not recognize as premium items. Sure, you may need to drop the occasional bundle on a household appliance or vehicle, but there are everyday big-ticket items, too. It All Adds Up Add up how much you spend at the grocery store in the course of a year. If…

Want Lower Car Insurance Premiums? Choose Your Car Carefully

Trying to crack the code on everything auto insurance companies look at when deciding what your premium will be is a little like trying beat search engine algorithms. Something you won’t be able to conquer over a weekend, that’s for sure. The good news, however, if you don’t need to consult a secret playbook to get a good rate. There are some things you can watch out for while shopping for a car that can help keep those premiums manageable. Here are the most important: Safety Safety ratings aren’t necessarily top-of-mind while car shopping, so you have to make sure to stay aware of them while you’re being dazzled on the showroom floor or overwhelmed by the selection of a lot. After you’ve stared longingly at the car of your dreams, do your research and check out the safety test ratings. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a great…