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How To Be a Successful Person Without Talent

Now more than ever, we are conditioned to believe talent is what it takes to succeed. From athletes and artists to technology titans, doctors and politicians, we are constantly inundated with profiles of uniquely successful people who have risen to the top of their respective fields because of one thing: their talent.
While talent certainly comes in handy, it’s far from required when it comes to succeeding in business or in life. Whether you seek success in work, relationships, finances or other aspects of your life, it is said that hard work beats talent. These 10 habits require no talent and can take you farther than talent alone ever could in becoming a successful person.

Be on Time

If you can’t be early, at least be on time. Tardiness is a sign of disrespect to anyone who’s counting on you and can be a deal-breaker when meeting people for the first time. It also sends a message that you lack discipline, and can’t manage your schedule. Being punctual shows you respect the other party’s time and can be a reliable connection.

Make an Effort

Giving 100 percent and making an effort doesn’t take talent – just willingness to succeed and a little discipline. Not only does good-old-hard work get the job done, it also communicates humility and appreciation for the tasks at hand. Even better, it inspires those around you to make more of an effort.

Be Mindful of Body Language

Body language speaks volumes about you – far more than a resume. How you carry yourself can make a tremendous impact on your level of success. You can communicate confidence through good posture, making eye contact and standing or sitting still instead of shifting your weight from side to side. Two powerful ways to make a positive impact using body language are smiling and paying more attention to people than technology.

Be Energetic

Energy – especially when expressed as excitement, inspiration, motivation, and creativity – is the fuel that can lead to success. It manifests outwardly to get new projects off the ground and embraces the grind in order to keep things moving along. Those who have the energy and drive to succeed often find a way to become successful people. Bonus: It’s also highly contagious!

Have a Positive Attitude

Fact: We see what we want to see. If we look for reasons to despair, we’ll find them. Thankfully, the inverse is also true. Things happen for us, not to us. Regardless of what our circumstances are, choosing an attitude of gratitude over bitterness and cynicism primes us for success and gives people the power to turn any situation into a positive experience. By keeping a smile on your face and a positive outlook for the future, you’re sure to have more doors open toward success than those that close.

Be Passionate

Passion, like energy, is the spark behind every successful venture. Never underestimate the power of being fired up for a cause. While passion is always relentless, it doesn’t have to be overly loud, or demonstrative. A focused passion is often expressed by simply showing up and doing the work, day in and day out. Woody Allen famously said, “80 percent of success is showing up.”

Be Coachable

No one knows everything. Pretending like you already know everything is a great way to alienate people and drive any venture – from a business to a marriage – into the ground. A willingness to learn, on the other hand, is the hallmark of success. By understanding what you do not know and allowing others to guide you, you’ll be in a better position to achieve your goals – and guide others when the time is right.

Go Above and Beyond

Never settle for “good enough.” In all you do, ask yourself what more can be done without compromising your health, sanity or standing commitments. Just as actions speak louder than words, under-promising and over-delivering leave a far better impression than doing it the other way around. Remarkable people give you more than you pay for, ask for or expect. Always attempt to over-deliver and provide the highest quality work possible.

Be Prepared

Flying by the seat of your pants is all fine if you want to get by on talent alone, but it often results in unnecessary stress and poor results. Preparation may require discipline and effort, but the payoff is an unforgettable performance – plus a more pleasant experience for all those involved. Successful people know what they want, prepare appropriately and often reach their desired outcome.

Be Responsive

Think you don’t have to answer emails, texts or phone calls right away? Think again. Failing to respond in a timely manner is like not showing up to an in-person meeting, as it sends a message that you don’t care about the person at the other end of the line, and can be the root of missed opportunities in today’s rapid-fire digital age.
Try applying these habits to all aspects of your life. Chances are you’ll see a marked improvement in everything from your job to your relationships with friends and family to your fantasy football score. Learning how to be a successful person is easy, and the steps to get there are free and available to everyone – even talented people.
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  1. I loved the title to this post. Really not hard to do any of these simple tips. However, many never follow through with your thes easy ideas (maybe they are not coachable). I will print and save. Thanks!