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Springtime – Love (and Life Insurance) is in the Air

springtimeThere is something about springtime that brings us a sense of renewal and rebirth. As the leaves begin to flourish on our trees and the sun shines a little longer each day, life seems a bit more peaceful. For most of us, Spring is the time we can finally roll down the windows in our cars and open up the sliding glass doors in our homes to let the fresh air in, leading us to feel revived and closer to nature. We have more hours of daylight and this increase in Vitamin D adds greatly to the mind and body. Spring is also the season in which many couples choose to wed. The sense of renewal and rebirth lies parallel with many couples’ desire to start a new chapter in their lives. So what better time than Spring to tie the knot?

Well, don’t let us get you all amped up to run off and get married, but if you are getting married or even if you’re in a committed relationship, let us inform you of the importance of adjusting your life insurance policy appropriately.

If you have an existing life insurance policy before you get married, all you have to do is contact your life insurance agent and discuss with him or her the changes you need to make. If you do not have an existing policy, find a life insurance agent that can answer all of your questions before you make your decision. You should be find a reputable company that will provide you with a clear and honest quote. When you are considering the coverage you need here are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. House payment

  2. Car payment

  3. Living expenses

  4. Funeral cost

You want to make sure that your partner is covered in all various avenues in the case of your death. Think about the income you bring to the table for you and your partner. How will your partner be affected when this income is no longer coming in? This goes the same for individuals in serious, committed relationships. You do not have to be married to have a strong bond with another person. If you support your significant other emotionally, chances are that you might also support them financially. We know that you care deeply about him or her and would want them to be supported in the case of your death. Sometimes it is not enough to simply tell your loved ones that you care about them – you must show it in your actions. If you have any questions about life insurance SelectQuote is always here to support you: (800) 691 – 5006

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