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Spring has "Sprung"! Have you?

spring in your stepIf you’ve looked at your calendar recently and noticed the word “equinox” coming up on Wednesday you may have thought to yourself, “Oh, that means it will officially be Spring!” If you did this, then you were absolutely right and we applaud you. If you looked at the word equinox and had no idea what it was referring to, we’ll give you a little insight as to what it means and why it marks the first day of Spring.

The first thing you should know is what an equinox actually is. Picture this: the sun and the Earth are side by side. The suns rays shine on the equator, shedding light on half of the Earth. The other half is cast with a shadow, which creates nighttime. The reason it’s called an “equinox” is because the word is derived from the Latin meaning “equal night”. In theory, there should be 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night, but because of the way the sun rises and sets, the equinox day lasts longer than 12 hours. There are actually two equinoxes that occur every year, the first being in March (Spring Equinox) and the second in September (Fall Equinox).

Now that you know the ins and outs of equinoxes and you can wish everyone a “Happy Spring Equinox” this Wednesday, March 20, we at SelectQuote ask you this: What does Spring mean to you? When you hear the word “Spring,” what comes to mind? Flowers, sunlight, and graduations may be some of the things you think of and who can walk into the new season without hearing the phrase “spring cleaning” once or twice?

Leo Tolstoy once said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” You might be heading over to the gardening section at a home improvement store or gearing up for a yard sale. Your children are heading into the home stretch of the academic year and you are deciding on whether or not you’ll be able to squeeze in a mini-vacation for the Summer. Either way, you’re making changes and you’re making moves. As you’re creating a mental checklist for the things you want to accomplish in the next few weeks, don’t forget the importance of prioritization. Necessities like installing a new alarm system and getting life insurance for you and your family should take precedent over organizing a family road trip for spring break. You’ve already set your clocks forward, now you just need to focus on how to effectively use your time to balance work and play.

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