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Spend Time — Not Money — On Mother's Day

shutterstock_134550482May 11th is Mother’s Day. And while tradition holds that a dozen roses, a Swedish massage, and a five-star restaurant are the perfect way to celebrate, these high-ticket gifts aren’t in everyone’s budget. Good news: it doesn’t matter. Showing your mother you love her is not about how much money you spend on her, but how much time you spend with her. Here are some great ideas for sharing this special day.
Memory Lane
Gather images and mementoes (like concert tickets or newspaper clippings) from your mother’s life and create a nice scrapbook that’s all about her. Feel free to focus on all aspects of her life—childhood, young adult, life with you and your siblings, grandchildren, even pictures of ancestors if you can find them. This is great to do with loose photos that never quite got organized, but you can always scan pictures from frames and photo albums, too. Look through it together—there will be enough laughter, tears and stories to last you a lifetime!
Home Cooking
Skip the long lines for brunch and cook her a delicious meal instead. Lots of breakfast foods can be thrown together in a flash; many can be prepared ahead of time. You could even plan a picnic at a pretty spot, or (with more planning) a traditional tea party with scones and finger sandwiches.
For Film Buffs
If dinner and a movie feel a little pricey, how about scaling it down to an inexpensive matinee and a cup of coffee at a nearby café? Select a genre or actor/actress she likes, and enjoy a free-wheeling discussion over cappuccino. Even easier: rent a DVD of a favorite classic.
Personal Mani-Pedi
Give your mom a manicure and/or pedicure in her home. Cuticle oil, nail grooming tools, a pumice stone and some nice lotion will allow you to pamper her in style. Be sure to have a few different polishes for her to choose from.
Made With Love
If you’re crafty or artistic, you can put those talents to work by custom-designing something special. A framed painting or photograph, a knit blanket in her favorite colors, homemade truffles, a collection of flowers and/or produce from your garden—all thoughtful gifts made more so because it was handmade by you.
People often think elaborate bouquets, sumptuous brunches and days of pampering at luxurious spas are what every mother desires for Mother’s Day. But any of these pale in comparison to what your Mom wants most of all: quality time with her children. Make that the focus of your Mother’s Day celebrations, and you’ll both create priceless memories you can treasure for a lifetime.
A toast from SelectQuote to all the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, wives and girlfriends celebrating Mother’s Day!

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