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Ask a Life Insurance Agent

SelectQuote life insurance agent John Kim tells us a little bit about himself and addresses the frequently asked question of how SelectQuote goes to bat for their clients when it comes to securing the best term life insurance policies.

John, How Long Have You Been a SelectQuote Agent?

I have been a SelectQuote agent for four years now.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being a SelectQuot Agent?

We shop a select group of the best insurance companies out there and try to find great prices for our clients. And now that we can help our clients save money on auto and home insurance, too, it’s always great when we can help them compensate the cost of life insurance by saving elsewhere.

How Does SelectQuote Go to Bat for Their Clients?

We know the underwriting guidelines for the individual companies we represent, and we will not hesitate to work with the underwriter directly to get our clients approved at the best price we can.

Have You Ever Managed to Obtain Coverage for Someone Whose Application for Life Insurance Was Formerly Declined?

I had a client call after getting declined from her existing insurance company – but she didn’t know why. She applied with SelectQuote only to get initially declined, as well. We took the extra step of working with the insurance company underwriter to find out which tests were coming back with abnormal results. We advised the client to get retested, and we resubmitted her results to satisfy the underwriter’s requirements.
Not only did she get approved, she got the best rate class available – saving her thousands in premiums each year. Sometimes the complete picture isn’t crystal clear, which is why we will never hesitate to go the extra mile – and do whatever we can – to get someone the coverage they need. Life insurance is vital, but working with the right life insurance agency is equally as important.
To learn more from John about how SelectQuote goes to bat for you when you’re buying term life insurance, check out his video here.

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