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Save Big With Coupons

If you think couponing is about trimming squares of paper to save 25 cents on toilet paper, you have another thing coming. Couponing looks incredibly different in today’s digital age. Couponing has become much more streamlined and efficient, not mention more lucrative. Whether you are looking to pay down debt or hit a savings goals, learning to take better advantage of discounts and coupons really adds up.

The Changing Face of Coupons

Once upon a time, coupons were only found in the sales section of the weekly newspaper. Some papers came filled with sale inserts and manufacturer coupons on Sundays. Others included them midweek. While it is true that some newspapers still contain coupons, there are plenty of other ways to obtain them.
There are popular online coupon databases to browse. Coupons.com makes it easy to sort by category and then print the coupons t help you save on your next shopping trip. There are also coupon tabs on most brand websites now.
For instance, Kellogg’s Family Rewards allows you to download coupons for popular items including breakfast cereals and snack bars. The site also allows you to earn rewards, which can then be redeemed for more high-value coupons or vouchers for free items. You can also follow brands on social media where they will often include links to limited-time high value coupons or even freebies.
In addition to manufacturer coupons, many retailers, including local grocery stores and national chains like Walgreens or CVS, have specific store coupons that shoppers can use. In addition to displaying stacks of paper coupons when you enter the store, you can also access them online, using the store’s website or mobile app.
This online access is especially handy if you don’t want to worry about remembering your coupons or keeping them sorted in a binder. Instead, you can usually save them to your store loyalty card and access at check out. To get added bang for your buck, try combining store coupons with manufacturer coupons. A simple way to double your savings.

Mixing in Mobile Apps

Your savings doesn’t end after you finish clipping coupons. Now, there are mobile apps that help shoppers save money even after they shop. One of the most popular mobile rebate sites is Ibotta. Once $20 is earned, shoppers can withdraw money from the app using PayPal or Venmo to send cash right to your bank account. Other popular mobile rebate sites include Checkout51 and Fetch Rewards. Though it doesn’t always work, there will be many times where these apps offer cashback on the same brand or the same item. That means shoppers can double or even triple dip on mobile rebates.
If you are really looking to stack savings, you can also download apps like Receipt Hog. These reward shoppers for taking photos of their receipts. This app allows users to redeem points using either PayPal or Amazon. As an added bonus, the receipt history in the app is comprehensive. Snap a photo of your receipt for points that can be redeemed for money. And you can toss your paper receipts while still maintaining organized records of your shopping history for an added bonus.

Online Rebate Sites and Shopping Portals

Coupons and rebates are excellent ways to save big when shopping in store. However, if you truly want to take better advantage of discounts and coupons, using online rebate sites and shopping portals for your mobile purchases is essential.
Online rebate sites like Ebates offer shoppers a percentage back on their purchase total that can range from 1 percent to 15 percent or more. Some credit card companies, such as Discover and Bank of America, have online shopping portals that can trigger cash-back percentages or special discounts and deals for cardmembers.
If you are worried about having to navigate so many options or concerned you might miss out on the biggest savings, The Mountain from Cashbackholic actually offers a comparison tool that allows you type in the website or store name before shopping online and then compares different portal and rebate options. A few clicks to download an extension can lead to significant savings throughout the year.

Taking Better Advantage of Discounts and Coupons

Who couldn’t use more money in their budget each month? By strategically using manufacturer coupons, store coupons, mobile cashback rebate apps, or online rebate and shopping portals, you could add hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, back to your bottom line each year. With how streamlined the couponing and rebate process is in the digital age, it is well worth your time to use one or more of these tools to take advantage of discounts and coupons.
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