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New Year’s Resolutions Busted? Shift Your Mindset for Success

Did you make up your mind that this was going to be the year you achieved all of your New Year’s Resolutions? If you are still committed to those goals, you have a reason to celebrate! Results from a University of Scranton study show that almost 50 percent of people give up on their resolutions by the end of March. And less than 10 percent of people actually meet their goals.
Maybe we should just enjoy our New Year’s celebrations and skip making resolutions in the first place?
Follow-up research revealed that after six months, people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to keep them over those who skipped the resolutions and still attempted some kind of change. That’s a great reason not to give up on those resolutions just yet!
Resolutions help us focus on improving key areas of our lives. It probably doesn’t surprise you that people make goals to exercise more, spend less, learn a new language, quit smoking, lose weight, or improve their relationships. These are important goals that help you look and feel better in the new year! Admit it, you’ve probably made resolutions like these too!
If resolutions have so many benefits, why do people give up on them so quickly?
We make resolutions during an exciting but stressful time of year. Overspending and overindulging lead us to focus on negative behaviors as New Year’s Eve approaches. We think about areas in our life we are unhappy with and we create resolutions from a deficit mindset. When we are so focused on our weaknesses, it’s no wonder that we are unsuccessful in our attempts at change!

How Should You Make Resolutions Then? Shift Your Mindset for Success!

You’ve probably heard the saying success breeds success. And there is even research to back it up. Writing resolutions from a strengths-based mindset is a shift that allows you to be successful right from the start!
Here are examples of three typical resolutions and how mindset shifts could lead to more success in achieving the goals!

Lose 10 Pounds by Changing My Diet

You’re a great cook but you’ve put on an extra 10 pounds over the last few years. Instead of changing what you eat to lose weight, shift your thinking to reducing how much you eat. Eating less of the great tasting food you make is more likely to work than changing your whole diet and not sticking with it! When you’ve mastered smaller portions, you can make other changes – like replacing ingredients with healthier options.
New Resolution #1: Lose 10 pounds by decreasing portion sizes.

Increase Monthly Savings Rate by 10 Percent by Decreasing Spending

You have a strong work ethic and you are quite frugal by nature. It will be a real challenge to cut your spending even more to meet this goal! Shift your thinking to increase your income by adding a side job, rather than decreasing spending. If you’re frugal, you won’t spend the extra money you earn and you can increase your savings rate that way!
New Resolution #2: Add a part-time job to increase income and savings rate by 10%.

Resolution #3: Improve Health by Joining a Gym and Working Out at Least 3 Hours Per Week

You are a busy professional with an active family. Trying to schedule workouts in between your job and the kids’ activities will be tough! Shift your thinking and add short bursts of exercise into your day! Start with 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises each morning and you’ll have more than half of your exercise done for the week! Climbing the stairs at work or chasing your kids at the park adds even more exercise to your day. Add it all up and you may even do more exercise than you would by hitting the gym during the week. And having more time with your family is a great bonus too!
New Resolution #3: Improve health by planning physical activity throughout each day.
The original resolutions all sound like great things to do to improve both your physical and financial fitness! But we also know that people who make resolutions like this have a high probability of failure.
If you are unhappy with the progress you’ve made on your resolutions (or if you’ve already given up), don’t wait until next year to shift your mindset for success! Look at the resolutions you made and start with your strengths or set strength-based goals. Remember – success breeds success and small wins early on will help you build momentum to reach your goals!
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