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Making Time for Family Fun

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Late July and early August are when the “summertime blues” seem to set in: kids are getting bored, parents are tired of having them underfoot constantly, and the heat just seems to make everybody cranky. Want to bring some fun back? Try these easy ideas to shake things up:
Nighttime Play
When the sun goes down so does the temperature, making after-dark activities all the more enjoyable. Start a game of twilight tag, play hide-and-seek in the yard, or toss a ball around. Take a break from the kitchen or the barbecue with a sunset picnic. Most any physical activity will be more comfortable to do when it cools off, and playing after dark will feel like a special treat.
Get Wet
On a hot day, nothing will cool you off like water. But if crowded beaches and community pools aren’t your idea of fun, keep your water play at home—and get the whole family involved! Running through the sprinklers is a time-honored tradition, of course, but breaking out the water guns or water balloons can be a blast, too. Kids will love having a chance to get you soaked; what they’ll love even more is that you joined in the fun.
Evening Explorations
Warm summer evenings can become a time for adventure. Grab some flashlights and go in search of nocturnal critters. Try to catch fireflies. If there’s a pond, lake or river nearby, take a look inside the water—fish and insects often become more active later in the day. You might also explore the skies together through a family stargazing outing: lay down a blanket, have blankets and maybe some snacks on hand, and let your minds and imaginations soar (take note of when meteor showers happen in your area).
Frozen Food Fun
Here’s a great way to treat yourself and teach your kids some cooking skills at the same time: involve them in a popsicle-making project. If you don’t have popsicle molds, plastic cups and spoons should work just fine. Just put some fruit and juice in a blender (add some yogurt if you want it creamy), blend up and pour. If you need some inspiration, there are lots of interesting recipes online; let the children help you pick one out. Another idea: whip up a batch of homemade ice cream in a hand-crank ice cream maker.
These seemingly endless days of summer will be over before you know it. Don’t let this opportunity to bond with your loved ones pass you by! Find small ways to work summer fun into your season, and you’ll create family memories that will last a lifetime.
SelectQuote wishes you happy, lasting summer memories!

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