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Make Mom’s Day…for Less!

Mother’s Day is a time where we find ways to express our love and appreciation for Mom. President Woodrow Wilson set aside the second Sunday in May for this holiday back in 1914 to celebrate this amazing lady in our lives. For over 100 years, we’ve honored and celebrated Moms on this special day!
Since Mom is often considered the glue that holds the family together, indulging her on Mother’s Day is a priority. But finding that perfect gift can be a real challenge because to you, nothing ever seems good enough for Mom. And it’s even harder to spoil her when “you don’t have to get me anything” or “I don’t need anything” is all she seems to say!
That doesn’t mean that we don’t try hard to make Mom happy. According to the National Retail Federation, total Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach $23.6 billion in 2017. Mother’s Day has become the second largest U.S. spending holiday!
Common Mom gifts including jewelry, flowers, gift cards, clothing, electronics, personal services, chocolate, greeting cards, and tickets to plays or concerts. Because every mom is unique, it’s important to put yourself in Mom’s shoes to think about what would make her really happy.
But it’s also important to think about your budget. Mom won’t feel very special if expensive gifts and fancy restaurant meals stretch your finances. While we often spend a little more than usual to pamper her, many of the gifts a mother really wants are very affordable or even free – like spending time with her children!
Planning a wonderful Mother’s Day and finding affordable gifts for Mom is possible with some flexibility and a little imagination. In addition to the gift ideas above, here is a list of 15 great options that will keep Mom smiling all day long! There are free, low cost ($5-25), and moderate cost ($25-$100) options for each part of the day.


  • Let Mom sleep in (free and she’ll definitely think it’s priceless!)
  • Leave a beautiful basket in the bathroom for Mom with scented bath soaps and lotions
  • Make homemade Mother’s Day cards or placemats that tell Mom how much you appreciate her and have them on the table before breakfast
  • If Mom is a runner, cheer her on or join her in a Mother’s Day 5K! You can sign up the kids for the fun run making it an active morning for all.
  • Prepare a special brunch for Mom including mouth-watering eclairs and other fancy pastries, her favorite fresh fruit, and flavored coffee (and why not get her a new coffee mug with a picture of the family too!)


  • Head to the park or go on a hike with the kids for an afternoon of fun ( or if mom prefers, let her stay home to take a nap in a quiet house for the afternoon!)
  • Clean out Mom’s car, then vacuum, wash and wax it – while Mom heads to the salon for a pedicure
  • Wrap up a picture frame and then get everyone ready to take that family picture Mom’s been bugging everyone about
  • Enjoy a family picnic by grilling out or ordering a take-out lunch
  • Visit a local nursery and let Mom pick out a hanging basket for the porch or some new plants for her flower garden (and help her plant them if she’d like that too!)


  • Take a walk around the neighborhood, ride bikes, play board games, or read books together
  • Rent a DVD, stream a family movie, or watch one of your favorite shows together
  • Buy Mom a bottle of her favorite wine along with a new fancy wine glass
  • Make her favorite dinner and dessert or order take-out from her favorite restaurant (just make sure she doesn’t have to do any of the cleanups
  • Go out for dinner at Mom’s favorite restaurant – but make sure to make reservations early because Mother’s Day is the most popular holiday of the year to dine out!  

As spring arrives, we look forward to splurging on our selfless mothers. But keep in mind that mom will be most happy that you remembered her and made time for her. No matter how you choose to spend your day, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make beautiful memories for Mom.
“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”-Unknown
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