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Life Insurance – it may be the smartest decision you’ll ever make

a smart decisionAsk anyone on the street about life insurance and they’ll likely say that purchasing an insurance policy is a responsible, mature decision to make. It is rare that you hear someone ranting about their wasteful spending habits as they mail off their life insurance premium check.
Rather, having life insurance provides incredible peace of mind for the policyholder, as they know that their dependents and loved ones will be taken care of in any event. How is it then, that nearly 40% of eligible Americans still don’t have life insurance? In an age of the $5 latte, why is it that Americans bypass one of the most intelligent investments they’ll ever make? Read on to find out!
The top 5 reasons why people don’t buy life insurance – what’s your reason?

  1. “I don’t need it.” Anyone who has expressed a lack of need for life insurance probably hasn’t weighed the true benefits of electing insurance coverage. This is a common phrase heard among the young, unmarried workers of today. But even single people need insurance. In fact, with the increasing number of Millennials living with family members beyond their college years, it is important to make sure that your passing doesn’t financially cripple a parent, guardian, or responsible family member. Those who are married should consider what life would be like for your spouse if you’re your paychecks instantly stopped coming.
  2. “It’s too expensive.” That latte at your favorite coffee bar is $5. Just two of those per week adds up to the cost of an average term life insurance plan. Because life insurance isn’t a required expenditure, some people look at it as superfluous. Think about that the next you grab a coffee – brewing your own could provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of insurance coverage.
  3. “I don’t understand it.” Life insurance may seem complicated, but in reality it is quite simple. A qualified insurance agent will be able to determine which policy will serve you best, and there is plenty of good life insurance information to find online.
  4. “I’ve never been asked to buy life insurance.” 6 out of 10 people surveyed say they haven’t been asked to buy life insurance in the past two years. Due to the limited interactions with qualified insurance agents or companies, most consumers have to initiate the insurance conversation themselves. Like anything else – out of sight, out of mind.
  5. “It isn’t a priority.” A recent study showed that the average citizen is more concerned with paying their mortgage, rent, and car payments than investing in life insurance. Life insurance is an investment that requires long-term planning and some forethought. It is about preparation, and provides a level of financial protection for you and your family that hope alone cannot.

Life insurance is a critically important financial tool that too many Americans go without. For the cost of a couple of lattes per week, you can begin to protect yourself, your family, and your loved one with life insurance coverage through highly rated insurance providers.
Now is the time to put insurance into place – before your dependents have a chance to say, “I wish life insurance could have made this entire process a little easier.” While the priorities of the average breadwinner vary from one person to another, we can all agree that securing the future for our loved ones is of paramount importance.The beauty of discovering whether or not you will be able to afford life insurance is that is it FREE. You can get free life insurance quotes from SelectQuote, America’s number one term life sales agency.

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