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Life Insurance Before Your Travels

family-vacationWe’ve all been on a vacation that didn’t really feel like a vacation because we were stressed out. The time we should have been relaxing was spent worrying about a task we didn’t complete before we left home or maybe about something we forgot to do. Did I leave the garage door open? Did I turn off the air conditioning? Did I leave the bathroom light on? These questions you ask yourself can be easily resolved by calling a neighbor or a trusted friend back at home, however, there is something more serious to consider – the future of your loved ones.

If you are traveling and leaving your children at home, you will create a list of emergency contacts to give to the babysitter. If anything happens to your children, the babysitter will know exactly who to call and how to ensure their safety. As far as you know, your children are entirely taken care of. But what is the protocol if something happens to you while vacationing? Are you still certain that your children are entirely taken care of?

In the case of your accidental death while traveling, do you have life insurance that will sustain your family financially? How will your loved ones be affected without your income? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself before traveling. Your family will be faced with funeral costs, house payments, car payments, school tuition costs, etc, and if you have a life insurance policy, they can use that money to cover these costs.

Can you really enjoy your vacation if you do not have life insurance? Life insurance is a way to plan ahead for the future of your family and your loved ones, in the case of your death. As you’re planning your Spring and Summer vacations, add “get life insurance” to your “To-Do” list. If you already have life insurance, then you should contact your agent to make sure you still have the coverage you need. Happy vacationing from your friends at SelectQuote!

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