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Last-Minute Travel Apps

With June just around the corner, vacation season is upon us. Haven’t started planning yours yet? Don’t panic. Thanks to the multitude of travel apps out there, last-minute vacation planning is easier – and cheaper – than ever. Whatever your destination, these free apps will help get you there – and help you get the most out of your time off – without putting a dent in your wallet.

For Your Flight

  • One of the newest air travel apps to hit the iOS App Store, Hopper continuously analyzes billions of flight prices and tells you when to book in order to save up to 40 percent on your airfare. Download here for iOS.
  • Search for a flight on Hipmunk, and your results are sorted by their aptly-named “Agony Index” – which considers the length of the flight, the number of layovers, and the ticket price. Meanwhile, hotel searches include color-coded heat maps that show how close your potential lodging would be to restaurants, nightlife, and other attractions. Download here for Android and iOS.
  • Known for offering last-minute flights for under $100, CheapOair is among the top-rated travel apps available. In addition to airline tickets, you can book last-minute hotels, rental cars and cruises. Download here for Android and iOS.
  • Just add your itinerary to GateGuru, and this all-in-one app provides amenity information, maps, weather, tips customized to your airport (including where the closest Starbucks is to your gate), TSA security wait estimates, flight alerts, and more. Download here for Android and iOS.

For Your Room

  • By enabling people to book hotel rooms from people who can’t use their reservations, this remarkable app offers a way around cancellation fees while providing great deals on lodging. Roomer also works out the details with the hotel (including changing the name on the reservation) and provides a payment guarantee so everyone’s happy. Download here for Android and iOS.
  • While you can now book up to seven days in advance, the premise of Hotel Tonight is simple: If you’re looking for a hotel tonight, this app offers deeply discounted rates for same-day bookings – especially at higher end hotels. For better deals, fire up the app around noon – which is when they refresh their listings for the night. Download here for Android and iOS.

Before You Go

  • Hate packing? Then Packpoint may be the app of your dreams. Just enter your destination, trip length, and whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, and Packpoint will customize your packing list based on the weather, how long you’re there, and the nature of the trip. Download here for Android and iOS.
  • Heading to a foreign country? Download the language-learning app Duolingo, and you can be familiar with the native tongue by the time you land. Through a series of language exercises structured like games, Duolingo teaches you the basics of Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and more in a way that’s functional, efficient and fun. Download here for Android and iOS.

When You’re There

  • Just type in your starting point and destination anywhere in the US, and Roadtrippers will suggest great things to do along the way. Depending on your interests, you can set your recommendation preferences for natural wonders, historical sites, or other types of entertainment. Download here for Android and iOS.
  • Gogobot groups travelers by “Tribes” and offers recommendations for restaurants, hotels and activities accordingly. The idea behind Tribes is to provide users with information based on what people with similar travel styles have enjoyed. And when you’re ready to make a reservation, Gogobot links you to sites like Booking.com for easy booking. Download here for Android and iOS.


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