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If You Have a Child You Absolutely Need Life Insurance

children need coverageYou’ll never forget the feeling you experienced when you heard the word about having your first child. Whether you brought in new life to the world or adopted a child into your loving arms, you knew your life would be forever changed. Raising a child is quite possibly the most challenging and time-consuming job of all. After all, you are “on the clock” 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. You don’t truly ever have time off even if he or she is with a babysitter or dropped off at school for the day; your child’s smile is still on your mind.

Whenever you make a decision, you automatically think about the effect it might have on your child. Every action has a consequence and you wouldn’t want an action of yours to negatively affect your child’s growth and happiness. Making financial decisions are especially a concern for the future of your child. Although it doesn’t seem like investing here or saving there would directly affect your toddler or teenager, if you make a poor financial decision today, it could affect your entire family’s lives down the road. Making sound investments and paying the bills on time are not the only two things it takes to secure the financial future of your child.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, work a 9-5 shift every day, or somehow manage to do a little of both, your child is extremely dependent on you. Aside from teaching the methods of shoe-tying and teeth-brushing, you are putting food on the table and clean water in the fridge. Without your hard work, you wouldn’t have enough money to do this. In a tragic case that you were no longer here to take care of your child, how would she continue to live the life you want him/her to live? Who will fund his/her college tuition so that they may achieve their dreams?

If you have a life insurance policy, the money would be used to support your child. If you have more than one child, then your coverage should be more expansive. Life insurance is important for every single parent to invest in, whether they provide monetary support to a child or not. One reason for this is because if the stay-at-home parent passes away, there will be a cost to find and pay a trustworthy babysitter. Daycare and afterschool programs will require a huge chunk of change for the years they need it. Don’t leave your partner to make up for your lost income or the state to decide how your child will be raised.

It is never too early to start planning for the future of your loved ones. As always, SelectQuote is here to help you discover the policy that best for you AND your loved ones. As the number one independent term life sales agency in America, we will walk you every step of the way. You can start now by getting a FREE quote either online or speaking with an agent directly on the phone.

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