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How Having Life Insurance Will Save Your Family In The Long Run

The untimely death of a partner or parent is one of the most painful losses that a family may endure both emotionally and financially. And if you look around you, you will realize that life can be really unfair. So, being protected is the least you can do to anticipate the unlikely event of an early death in the family.
Term life insurance can offer you a high level of financial protection against such events. Two years ago, my brother in law died from heart attack at the age of 42. He was the only one working in the family as my sister had to quit her job to raise their child. Being an insurance advisor for a global organization, I suggested that they should buy life insurance to shield themselves and their child. Besides, I could offer them great coverage at an affordable premium. They were both young and healthy, non-smoking and with low-risk occupations. Although they were both excited with the idea of coverage, they decided that they should save the money on home and child expenses for a while. Unfortunately, that one year they delayed shopping for term policy proved to be fatal.
Being jobless and left with a child, my sister had to immediately pay for burial expenses $8,000. But, there was also mortgage, credit card bills, personal loans, utilities, living expenses, food, clothing and college costs. Of course, not all expenses are equal. So, my sister tried to prioritize and cut back on expenses.
She also called her bank. Talking to her lenders allowed her to re-negotiate her mortgage and achieve a lower interest rate to her credit cards. Although banks and financial institutions are generally rigid, it is to their best interest to offer a lower interest rate. They actually help you to give them their money through regular payments that you can afford.
She also looked for extra sources of income. As she could not afford a nanny for her 2-years-old son, my sister decided to work from home. She asked her boss to work as a virtual assistant. In doing so, not only she managed to have some regular income, but she also maintained her rights to her retirement account. She also started a 401k, from which she eventually withdrew some money.
Assuming you are the only one working in the family, wouldn’t you want to guarantee financial security to your dependents? My sister found her way out, but this doesn’t happen for every family who experiences a sudden death. The financial implications for your spouse and children may be devastating in a period that they would have to deal with the shock of losing a dear one. So, make sure to shop around for life insurance quotes to keep your loved ones safe at an affordable premium. Consider that without life insurance the level of comfort for your dependents will decline considerably. You can prevent this from happening. Today.

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