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Extreme Home (and Car!) Makeover

Budgets being what they are, renovating your home or getting a new car may not be in the cards. And while it’s not the same as brand new, here are 10 tips to renew your love for your home and car  – without putting a major dent in your bank account.


  • Lighten Up

    No need to install an expensive lighting system to completely change the look of your home. A few strategically-placed lamps can add dimension to any room. Even changing bulbs to more energy-efficient LEDs available in “warm white,” “soft white” and “bright white” can completely transform your home.

  • Embrace the Slipcover

    Slipcovers are a great way to give your living room a facelift without overspending. Freshen up your sofas and chairs with new slipcovers, cushions or upholstery. It’s a lot more affordable and way more environmental than buying new pieces.

  • Keep It Clean

    Cleaning your home regularly may be the most affordable way to keep things fresh. But cleaning doesn’t just mean vacuuming, scrubbing or polishing – it can also mean organizing, rearranging and purging items you no longer use. Try committing only five minutes a day to wiping down the kitchen or straightening up the living room. You and your family will notice a big difference.

  • Paint a Wall, Not Your Entire Home

    Repainting every wall in your home can get expensive. As an affordable alternative, try picking one wall in each room to paint instead. A pop of color on a single accent wall can add brightness to any room – and even make it look bigger.

  • Invest in Mirrors

    If you can’t afford to knock down walls or install windows, hang a couple of mirrors to reflect the light and expand your space. Strategically-placed mirrors can make a small area seem much larger for not a lot of cash.


  • Replace Your Tires

    One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up the look of your car – and improve your safety and comfort in the process – is to get a new set of performance tires. Want to go all the way? Get some custom wheels while you’re at it. Start at a local tire shop or specialty wheel store to get some options that fit your vehicle and your budget, and shop around for the installation.

  • Update Your Mobile Electronics

    Just because they didn’t have smartphone integration, navigation systems or backup cameras when you bought your car doesn’t mean you can’t have them now. Today’s selection of mobile electronics is broad and can fit a range of budgets. It’s an easy way to make your drive a lot more convenient.

  • Take a Trip to the Car Wash

    It’s amazing how much you can improve and protect the appearance of your vehicle with a good old-fashioned deep cleaning and polishing. Want to save a few bucks? Automotive cleaners, soaps and waxes for all surfaces and materials can be purchased at automotive shops nationwide. And don’t forget about the interior. If your floor mats are looking the worse for wear, consider replacing them.

  • Get Some Color

    Nothing makes an old car feel new again like a paint job – especially if you pick a color that’s radically different from what you have now. Can’t commit? Consider getting your car wrapped. Several companies offer hundreds of colors and patterns that are durable, removable and affordable. Car detailing is another cost-efficient alternative to an all-out paint job.

  • Replace Your Suspension

    Springs and shocks wear out over time, jeopardizing your comfort as well as your safety. A fresh set will give you a smoother, safer ride without breaking the bank.

While you’re at it, it’s also a good time to give your home and car a refresh, consider doing the same for your auto and insurance policies. SelectQuote agents are ready to review your current coverage and compare your policy to today’s rates to determine if we can save you some money. Call (855) 777-6090 or visit www.selectquoteautoandhome.com today.
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