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Healthy Habits to Help Reach Your Financial Goals

Living a long, full and happy life is a goal most of us share. Taking time to align your financial, physical, professional and social aspects of your life is important. The idea is to get each area to work in concert to reach your goals. Here are a few ways to keep your eyes on the prize and incorporate healthy habits across all areas of your life to help reach financial success.

Use Technology to Set Goals

Identify what you are trying to accomplish to increase your odds of success. Then use widely available tools and technology to help you make your plan. Maybe you want to network more effectively, start adding more cardio into your workouts or save enough to retire before you turn 60. Define what you’re really looking to accomplish and set realistic goals.
For example, if you are looking to improve your training practices, use BMI & running pace calculators. If you’re interested in updating your life insurance, try SelectQuote’s online calculator to determine the right life insurance policy for you.

Get Moving

Research shows that as little as 10 minutes of physical activity a week can help improve your odds of feeling happy.
And if that’s not enough, people who work out tend spend less each year on healthcare than people who don’t get enough exercise, according to a study from the Journal of the American Heart Association.
Being active can help you stay productive, take less prescription medicines and recovery more quickly – all things that can help you keep more money in your pocket each month.

Eat Well

The Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences explored the financial impact of improved health behavior. “Health is as much as an ‘investment’ as stocks or bonds. Both health and wealth require proactive action and are jeopardized by simply doing nothing.”
When you eat healthy, you give your immune system a boost. You may still catch the bug that’s going around but you’re able to fight it off better, avoid copays and take fewer sick days, which is also good for your wallet.

Sleep Soundly

The research is staggering that most of us aren’t getting the quality and quantity of sleep needed to function appropriately. A third of American workers report getting fewer than seven hours of sleep at night. The lack of sleep leads to a loss of more than $226 billion to the economy.
A study showed that people who increase sleep by one hour a night gain a wage increase of 5 percent over the long run. More sleep may lead to higher earnings – that’s something to explore.
By committing to a series of small changes, big results are likely to follow. Knowing the healthful habits we embrace can also be good for our bank accounts may be all the motivation needed to be in balance and enjoy life to the fullest.
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