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Have A Happy Healthy Halloween

trick or treatEveryone thinks of Halloween as a night for kids to get dressed up and fill up on candy, but the reality is that adults are more indulgent too, and the candy is around much longer than just one night.
Candy is difficult to avoid, and a bowl or a cupboard full of sweets is hard for anyone to resist, but given our nation’s alarmingly high rate of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, gorging on candy during Halloween is not a smart choice.
Not only are processed candies made almost entirely out of refined sugars like high fructose corn syrup, they are full of fat, sodium, artificial colors and other nutritionally worthless ingredients.
Prevent junk food overload this Halloween and stay health-conscious by following these tips:
1.  Don’t ignore the principles of healthy eating. A regular and healthy diet doesn’t just go away during the holidays. Enjoy three meals a day with one healthy snack in the afternoon and you should be satisfied all day. Planning, and not just grabbing to-go, is key to keeping your diet on track.
2. Stay Hydrated. Thirst often manifests itself as hunger. You might be tested to snack on candy when you’re really just thirsty.
3. Buy candy late. There is no logical reason why you have to start buying candy as soon as the month of October starts. Candy is tempting and having it around the house or office is the best way to doom your diet. Plus, buying it last minute often means better deals.
4. Go to parties for the fun, not the food. Eat before you head to your Halloween party and you’ll be less likely to indulge. If you do decide to eat, limit yourself to a small plate and one trip to the buffet and then stand away from the food so you can’t mindlessly nibble.
5. Make your own Halloween treats. If you make something yourself you know exactly what is in it and, if you’re strapped for ideas, the Internet is loaded with healthy, haunted snack ideas.
At SelectQuote we believe that Halloween and well-being can go hand in hand if we make the right decisions. Making smarter choices means a healthier diet and a healthier you.

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