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Has your Life Insurance Kept Up with Your Life?

Just as your cars need a tune up occasionally to keep them at optimum performance, so does your Life Insurance.

During the years since you purchased your policy, you may have increased the size of your family, improved your income, bought a new house — significantly increased your personal and financial responsibilities. This could mean you don’t have the total protection you need. And you need to add to your coverage or get new coverage to protect your family.
By the same token, during the past years your children may have finished school and gone off on their own. You may have downsized your personal and financial needs. And your assets may have grown. These factors could mean you can cut back on your Life Insurance coverage.
It’s a good idea to take a Life Insurance “audit” every few of years and “tune up” your protection if necessary. And it needn’t cost you a penny.
An easy way to determine your Life Insurance needs is contact an independent sales agency like selectquote.com with experienced, impartial licensed agents. They’ll not only help you determine your needs, they can “comparison shop” highly rated companies for your best rates.

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