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Great gifts to make every dad smile on Father’s Day

shutterstock_181356089Stumped for Father’s Day gift ideas? Don’t panic! Believe it or not, you have more than silk ties, cuff links and pen sets to choose from when it comes to great presents for the first man in your life. As with any gift, the idea is to get something that recognizes who he is and what he loves. Here are some suggestions to make June 15 awesome for your father, grandfather, stepfather or husband…and stress-free for you, too.
For Book Lovers
People who love to read might seem like a hard sell — it’s hard to keep up with what books they have or have not read. But these are some of the easiest people to please: a gift card to their favorite bookstore will do it. Seem too generic? Try a beautifully bound hardback of a classic from their favorite author. If your father has a tablet, gift cards for Nook, Kindle or other electronic booksellers are great — and easy to send by email, too.
For Sports Fans
Endless options here — tickets to their favorite sport, a jersey, or other sports memorabilia. Dozens of sites online sell sports-related gifts, so you might peruse them for something a little more imaginative. If Dad actively participates in a sport himself, set him up with a new pair of shoes, clothing or other equipment to outfit him with style before his next big game. (Bonus points if you show up for it to cheer him on from the stands.)
For the Connoisseur
If you live near your father, the obvious answer to this is to take him out for dinner—either at his favorite restaurant or a new, highly recommended place that will expand his culinary horizons. For long-distance dads, send him a nice bottle of wine, scotch or liqueur that he can savor at home.
For the Traveller
Lots of options here! Budget-friendly suggestions include a travel journal, eye mask and/or neck pillow for comfort on long flights, guide books (great if you know of an upcoming destination) or a concealable travel wallet. If you’re feeling spendy, spring for luggage (sized for airplane carry on is a smart choice), purifying water bottles or packable rain gear.
For Tech Heads
If your dad is something of a geek, video games, gaming consoles and gaming accessories (think controllers and joysticks) will probably be right up his alley. Solar chargers for cell phones, tablets and laptops will come in handy when he’s on the go, as will a pair of top-quality earphones.
These are just a few ideas to get you brainstorming. You know your father better than any gift guide; just picture the person he is and let that be your inspiration. And remember: no matter what you get him, he’ll love it because it came from you. Happy Father’s Day from SelectQuote!

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