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Getting Your Children In The Back To School Mindset

back to school!With the start of school upon us for many young students, we are reminded of the inevitable phenomenon that happens this time of year. We have all experienced it: the surprisingly difficult transition that occurs when the kids go back to school.
No matter how hard we try to keep their minds sharp over the summer, it seems that they require at least a couple weeks to recover the study skills and knowledge that they had developed over the previous year.
As you begin to get your kids ready for back to school, keep in mind that they may need more from you than just a backpack and the latest trends. In order to ease their transition into the new school year, there are some steps you can take to encourage their academic sensibilities.
9 Tips for getting your kids into the back-to-school state of mind:

  1. Bring Back Bed Time – Get them up earlier in the morning so they’re more tired at night, and get them to bed earlier in the evening so that they’re getting closer to that school schedule.
  2. Get Them Excited – One of the greatest ways to ease the transition is to actively work on getting them excited for the new school year. Talk about new teachers and curriculum, as well as friends, so that they are as excited as you are for them to be out of the house.
  3. Read – Aside from getting your children used to this academic practice, reading with your children is a very good way to subtly bring up issues they may encounter in the coming school year.
  4. Make a Playlist – Before school starts, have your children make a playlist with all of their favorite songs to play after they wake up. This is sure to energize them in the mornings.
  5. Prepare – Avoid morning fuss or struggles by encouraging your kids to plan their outfit the night before school starts and putting all essential items in their backpack before they run out the door.
  6. Keep The Time In Mind – One of the most important things is to re-introduce your kid to the idea of time constraints and schedules. Give your child required chores with time constraints so that they get used to the ides of having responsibilities.
  7. Fight Nerves – The best way to combat the anxiety that your child may feel before going back to school is reminding them how great they are. The boost in confidence may be just what they need to be optimistic about the new year.
  8. Set Goals – Show your child that with the new year comes new opportunities. Work with them to make a list of goals so that they start off the year with a productive mindset.
  9. Celebrate – The last day of summer is a great time to celebrate the end of a great vacation and welcome the new school year. Do something to commemorate the occasion such as a “goodbye summer” dinner or picnic.

With all of this, your children are sure to be prepared, and hopefully excited, for the new school year. And remember to have patience for their moaning and groaning; after all, they will be out of your hair in no time.

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